Blank Canvas is a lifestyle boutique merging fashion with art, music and design subcultures to emphasize diversity in self-expression. By providing an artisan inspired environment and customer centric merchandising we will continually meet customer wants and needs in retail experience and product offering. 



March 13, 2014

Ever heard of Kickstarter?!  Its the SUPER-COOL crowdfunding website, that helps fund CREATIVE PROJECTS! We just launched our KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN, called "The Cool Project". “The Cool Project” is a fashion-forward lifestyle clothing and accessory line that embraces self-expression, and that is 100% AMERICAN MADE! The collection includes Ties, Bowties, Pocket Squares, T-Shirts, Bracelets, and Hats. In the 1960’s over 95% of clothing was made in America. Currently only 5% of clothing is made in America. Our American economy, and local community thrives when we employ more people in America. At Blank Canvas, we believe YOU are a BLANK CANVAS, and you choose how you want to express yourself. Blank Canvas is all about that FREEDOM that America was... Continue Reading →

"The Cool Project" Vol. 1

July 03, 2013

  "The Cool Project" Vol.1 is the beginning of an epic and creative movement happening at Blank Canvas!  The story has been developing, and we want to share every moment of this process with YOU!!  The grinding of sewing machines, the voices of people chatting, and the quietness of pinning ties were the sounds last week during our visit, streaming from a local North Carolina Neckwear Factory.  The average person never thinks about the time, labor, and amount of fabric that goes into making a garment or neckwear.  We had a chance to experience this awesome process up close and personal!! There is something special about the people that devote their time and energy into making these products.  Hard work, dedication, and... Continue Reading →